What is Equine Chiropractic?

Equine chiropractors are specially trained chiropractors whose focus is on the prevention and treatment of disorders of the spine and peripheral joints of horses. After taking a detailed health history an equine chiropractor  may use a number of diagnostic  tests such as; observation, gait analysis, static palpation or motion palpation and orthopaedic or neurological examination to determine the current health status of a horse.
An equine chiropractor uses spinal adjustment to help re-align misplaced vertebra to remove interference to the nerves and help balance the joints and musculature of a horse. By doing this, injury prevention, improved performance and optimal health and can be achieved.
A treatment plan is determined based on the overall health of the horse, the severity of any current injuries and the length of time since an injury may have occurred. Treatment is most effective when it is started as soon after an injury as possible or if the owner notices indicators like; shortened stride length, problems with lead changes, apparent tenderness, behavioural changes, or visible lameness.  Hair pattern changes and reoccurring or unresolved health issues are also indicators of problems of a more chronic nature.
The length of each visit may last anywhere from a forty minute initial examination to a fifteen minute follow up depending on the severity of any problems.
Benefits of Chiropractic Treatments
The benefits of chiropractic treatment can be quite vast. Studies have shown that the nervous system controls all function in the body and any interference to this system lowers the body’s resistance, thereby allowing it to become susceptible to the onset of health problems and disease. Equine chiropractic is a drug free profession that seeks to correct spinal and nervous system problems, unlike various drugs which often just mask symptoms.
Horses required to perform at their peak, such as show horses or race horses benefit greatly from chiropractic adjustments as the constant demands of those sports takes a toll on their joints; however, any horse will benefit from routine chiropractic care.  Treatment ensures a happy, healthy animal that is more willing to perform at a higher level for a longer duration, which is what all owners strive for.
Choosing an Equine Chiropractor
Dr. Mark Fleet is a chiropractor certified through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, which is a requirement for licensure in Ontario, and has been providing equine chiropractic care for over 9 years. His dedication to horses is apparent to all that have met him and those who have chosen him as their equine chiropractor.
His clinic is located in Oakville, Ontario however; his equine work takes him all over North America including frequent trips to Florida.
To make an appointment with Dr. Fleet or for further information visit www.drfleet.ca. Or call us at 905-338-1986




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